Indian Coaching Council

Uniting Life Coaches Globally

Founded by Ashwani Deswal, one of India’s leading life coaches, the Indian Coaching Council (ICC) is a global platform dedicated to fostering the growth of life coaches. With the inspiring vision of cultivating a distinguished network of credible and certified life coaches, we aspire to touch and uplift millions of lives across the globe.

At ICC, we understand the power of coaching and the transformation it can bring about. Our mission is to nurture life coaches, provide them with a platform to grow, gain visibility, and earn credibility in their professional journey.


Spearheaded by Ashwani Deswal

Our platform embraces coaches from diverse training backgrounds, with special consideration given to those certified by Ashwani Deswal International, enabling an expedited listing process. However, our doors are open to all, with a thorough review process in place to ensure a high standard of coaching.

We offer two types of memberships, Basic and Ultimate, each with its own unique benefits. Our coaches opting for Ultimate Membership enjoy an array of advantages including enhanced visibility, free promotions, and access to exclusive coach meetups.

ICC goes beyond being a platform. We are a community, a network of driven individuals sharing a common goal – to improve lives through exceptional coaching.

Under the enlightened leadership of Ashwani Deswal, and fortified with a vibrant community of proficient life coaches, we are passionately journeying towards realizing our shared vision. Join us and be a part of this transformative journey!

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