Member of Indian Coaching Council

Geetansh Gandhi

Relationship coach, Life Coach, Yog nidra teacher, Mindfulness teacher

Services : Relationship coaching (1-on-1 session ) Yog Nidra (1-on-1 session)

Geetansh Gandhi is an internationally certified professional currently helping individuals & Couples in navigating through Relationship Challenges and building Life-Nourishing Connections. ​ If you’re tired of trying to figure out relationships on your own, then Mr. Geetansh is here to provide you with the support you need most right now. From gaining clarity to deepening the connection to conflict resolution with your existing relationships he can support you in navigating your own journey. ​

Mr. Gandhi is using proven and tested modalities of Relationship coaching and Life coaching to help individuals with challenges in

— Dating Life

— Romantic Partnerships/Marital Relationships

— Family Relationships

— and all others

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